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Rules overview

Which rules do I use?

  • The FAQs try to answer some of the more confusing questions.
  • On the same page, a few cards have errata and clarifiactions. We try to keep this to a minimum but some cards are just awkward. Note that errata and clarifications are also given on the Spoilers and on Lackey CCG.

Finally, note that at the moment, keywords - especially those with rules meanings - have their own page.

History of the rules

Like all early CCGs, Rage didn't have very detailed rules. Then it had cards which were written horribly unclearly. So White Wolf issued FAQs. The most famous rule which they forgot to publish, even after the first FAQ, was "If no Combat Actions were played in a round of combat, combat ends." The resulting pile of unknowns led to house rules in pockets all around the world. However, as the Rage community has come together online, we needed a set of rules that worked for everyone.

During their time trying to take Rage forward, Azrael produced an updated rulebook and was used as such during its time on CCG Workshop. However, all this online play only highlighted all the rules gaps. The Revised Rules attempted to reorganise the rules into a logical order and to cater for all reasonable situations. In conjunction with megagame-changing cards in the fan sets, Revised balanced strategies (especially Frenzy) and bring some logic. It had three flaws:

  • Some elements were unnecessarily confusing.
  • It wasn't complete. More holes have been found since.
  • It was just too long.

This is why the quickstart rules were created. Ideally there will be a middle ground at some point, making the complete rules for consultation only.